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Jan 2015

Category review - Budget, entry-level diabolos
Posted 1962 days ago

Did you know we sold more entry-level diabolos this Christmas rush than any other category? More people ordered diabolos than juggling clubs, balls, poi, staff, spinning plates, or anything else. But how do you choose the right diabolo for a newbie on a budget?

Do I need a fireworks / pyrotechnics license to use fire equipment?
Posted 1962 days ago

Pyrotechnics require a license in most parts of Australia, so a reasonable question when transitioning to fire props is "Do I need a fireworks license to use this?". The short answer is no; as of 2015, for a standard kevlar fire prop with D60, Kerosene, or Shellite fuel, no license is required to use.

First play - Juggle Light Fibre Optic Skipping Rope
Posted 1962 days ago

An LED Fibre optic skipping rope, brand new from Juggle Light in the UK. We took it to a psy-trance rave and broke it out on the dance floor...

Feb 2015

Whoopsie Daisie gift certificates are now available!
Posted 1936 days ago

As requested by many customers - Whoopsie Daisie now has gift certificates available! Available in $20, $50, $100, $200, and $500 denominations, and an introductory special saving of up to $15!
Read more and purchase...

Mar 2015

New line arriving shortly - Henry's Circus Pirourette Club
Posted 1930 days ago

Brand new this month is a the Henry's Circus Pirouette club. Sporting a unique decoration and with a comfortable handle, this German-crafted wonder was a delight to unpack and take for a spin...

New line arriving shortly - Henry's club knobs
Posted 1910 days ago

We've added a huge range of juggling club replacement knobs - with several different profiles and colours designed to optimise your clubs to your own style of juggling, or just replace your worn heads. We've added club knobs for Play Juggling too. We're currently taking pre-orders for these lines!

Apr 2015

Proudly stocking Astro-Jax
Posted 1893 days ago

At SpinFestival 2015 - on a whim, one of the WhoopsieDaisie crew got exposed to Astro-Jax. A new toy cranking poi up to the next level...

First play - Juggle Dream Solo clubs
Posted 1879 days ago

Brand new from Juggle Dream is the Solo clubs - a halfway between single piece plastic clubs and the top-of-the-range Euro clubs. Great looking clubs at a bargain price.