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Fire flogger - 3 x 25mm double-sided kevlar falls - PU leather grip

Fire flogger - 3 x 25mm double-sided kevlar falls - PU leather grip

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Fire flogging is an body impact fire art - involves hitting another person with kevlar strips of fire. Creates a fantastic performance show, as well as possibly an intimate BDSM experience.

Do not use this unless you are experienced in both fire as a performance art, and flogging as a BDSM art.

Only soak the last inch in fuel (D60 works great for this). Keep the floggers moving at all times. Do not impact body from below. Do not hit areas other than the upper back, buttocks, or chest. Only hit on bare, undamaged skin. Beware of excess body hair. Beware of recipients hair and clothing. Beware of fuel splashing and pooling on recipient and be prepared to pat it out at a moments notice.

Should fuel splash onto your recipient, you have about half a second to swat it out with your hand before damaging the skin badly. Should you fail, the recipient will reflexively jump when the temperature reaches a critical level - running the fuel across their body and then rotating so that its burning up into a wider area of their skin. This is a horrible mess and bad burns and you should be very aware of this before purchasing this.